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Oh What A Lovely War

02 Opening Row Row Row.mp3

03G. Peace in Our Time.mp3

06 Your King and Country.mp3

07 When Belgium Put the Kibosh on the Kaiser.mp3

08 Soldiers' Medley.mp3

09 I'll Make a Man of You.mp3

11 We'er 'Ere Because.mp3

12 Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag.mp3

13 Hitchy Koo.mp3

14 Heilige Nacht.mp3

15 Christmas Day in the Cookhouse.mp3

16 Good-bye-ee.mp3

18 Oh It's a Lovely War.mp3

19 Gassed Last Night.mp3

20 Roses of Picardy.mp3

25 Hush, Here Comes a Whizz-Bang.mp3

26 There's a Long Long Trail (Reprise).mp3

27D Rule Britannia.mp3

27E I Don't Want to Be a Soldier.mp3

27G Kaiser Bill.mp3

27H They Were Only Playing Leapfrog.mp3

27I Old Soldiers Never Die.mp3

27J If You Want the Old Battalion.mp3

27K Far From Ypres.mp3

27M If the Sergeant Steals Your Rum.mp3

29 I Wore a Tunic.mp3

30 Forward Joe Soap's Army.mp3

31 We Are Fred Karno's Army.mp3

32 When This Lousy War Is Over.mp3

33 Wash Me in the Water.mp3

34 I Want To Go Home.mp3

35 The Bells of Hell.mp3

37 Keep The Home Fires Burning.mp3

39 Sister Suzie's Sewing Shirts For Soldiers.mp3

39A Sister Susie (Reprise).mp3

41 La Chanson de Craonne.mp3

42 I Don't Want To Be a Soldier.mp3

43 And When They Ask Us.mp3

44A Curtain - Your King and Country.mp3

44B Curtain - Sister Susie.mp3

44C Curtain - Oh It's a Lovely War.mp3